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If working from home is destroying your back, you are not alone

COVID-19 health emergency has affected everyone's life from wearing masks to sipping decoctions on daily basis and also changed profoundly the working lifestyle. Remote working with the possible use of technological tools invited some unexpected challenges such as risk of low back pain as well as neck pain for prolonged periods.

According to International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health poor posture increased orthopaedic conditions like musculoskeletal disorders particularly neck and lower back pain. In workers it ranged from 1.4% to 20% and from 0.024% to 7%, respectively. It has also been estimated and observed that about 81% of the workforce worldwide has been affected by changes at the workplace.

Addressing these issues the home environment seems not to be adequate as an increased risk for mental health and musculoskeletal problems especially in spine are observed. As more companies are focussing on remote working, a major downside has emerged which has effected severely the health of individuals.

Working from home provided better work–life balance to many but on the other side there are many negative effects associated with remote working. It led to increased irritability & negative emotions.as previously workplace troubles could be resolved with help of possible solutions with colleagues on the same time.

In present scenario increased dependency on screens for long durations has led to worsening neck, back and shoulder pain conditions in people from 20-40 years of age. Various studies and surveys revealed that 31-40 age group had 35% of the complaints where as 45% came from 21-30 age group.

In order to protect ourselves from all this serious disorders we need to do some changes in our daily routine which could add up to our better health and lifestyle.

Instead of sitting prefer to complete the work while standing. On an average adults sits nine to ten hours per day, it may increase risk for diabetes type 2 as well as 10-15% increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Posture change will also help to burn few extra calories and will help in reduction of lower back and neck pain up to 40%.

Secondly, using a chair that that supports lower back is good for spine which will also contribute in reduction of muscle and joint pains. Use foot stool and knees should be slightly above or at knee level which all help in reduction of low back pain. Large number of people are surprised when doctors tell them that their couch sitting is contributing to their muscle and joint pains. It really needed to be followed as lying down while typing on laptops as well as sitting for hours especially when zoom meetings turns from several minutes to long hours.

Thirdly, light outlet while using laptops should be proper. Poor lighting conditions may lead to straining on your eyes and also people usually end up craning their necks. This condition also causes spinal disorders so care should be taken before its too late. It has led to both mental & physical stress. Prolonged working hours on screen has resulted stress on neck & back.

During pandemic many people have adopted overeating habits and stopped doing exercise to loose calories. Gyms seems to be closed from a long time and less movement of your body parts has led to muscle loss as weight is gained due to overeating patterns. Daily a quick walk, simple stretch exercises for few minutes can prevent joint as well as neck & back pain.

 It helps in proper blood circulation and refreshes the mind. It has also been observed that a lot of youngsters have consulted doctors online complaining about back & neck pain in this pandemic, so care should be taken in order to prevent serious spinal disorders. Slowly nodding head and gentle rotation in circular motions for few minutes each hour can also prevent neck pain. Physiotherapies are often cited as one of the most successful ways to treat chronic joint, neck and lower back pain. It helps in improving flexibility & strength the neck muscles. Do visit Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre which is committed to consistently deliver world-class physiotherapy care with exceptional customer service in Edmonton, Canada. Also many online programs and telehealth services offered by Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre can be joined to maintain a healthier lifestyle.    


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