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Preventive measures to protect ourselves from chronic pains in this remote working scenario.

Midst of COVID pandemic many industries shifted towards remote working. In present scenario prolonged exposure to poor posture causes discomfort and pain. On an average individual spend about 4+ hours a day or approximately 120+ hours a month over their computer screens, smartphones or laptops. Bending down to view your laptops, smartphones etc. can cause pain in neck. The trouble is looking down to view your smartphone can cause straining in the neck which finally ends up in severe spinal problems. Bending neck not only causes stress on cervical spine but even on surrounding soft tissues.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimated that the cost associated with work-related musculoskeletal disorders was $13 billion annually. As the technology is shifting towards remote working number of patients suffering from chronic neck pain has increased. Biomedical researchers discovered that there is almost double the risk for developing neck pain for people who spend 95% of their day or more sitting at work. Remote working has proven to be most challenging aspect.

Certain preventive measures should be taken care to protect ourselves from chronic pains in this remote working scenario. People don’t even pay heed and does not even realise that sitting for long hours could cause severe musculoskeletal disorders.

Firstly we need to practice good posture. While sitting over chair try to maintain upright posture. Prolonged static posture should be avoided in order to prevent muscle strain. Secondly adjusting keyboard and monitor height is must. Keyboard should be adjusted as such that elbows are bent 90 approximately while typing. Limit use of phone screens as they causes stress in your back as well as weakens eyesight. Bending down can even lead to joint or disc injuries in long durations. While using mobile phone for long hours prevent leaning your head in one direction. Healthy body can only withstand on one position for about 20 minutes. So, sitting on office chair for long duration, on aeroplane becomes uncomfortable after a short time. Taking breaks at regular should always be the part of work from home schedule.

Stretching daily for few minutes before start of work and in between will prevent muscle pains. Practicing yoga on regular basis can add on your spine health. Many applications are available now-a-days from where active and static stretching could be learned easily. Many online sessions for learning various exercises to prevent neck and back pain are also available.

Treatment of chronic pain can also be minimized by physiotherapy. It helps in developing dynamic strengthening of lower back, neck and its supporting musculature. It also develop strategies to prevent pain from re-occurrence. Physical therapy plays an important role in improving neck postures and ensures proper functioning of daily movement. Physical therapy also helps in condition where joints as well as soft tissues are damaged and patients feel stiffness in movement. It has also proved helpful to patients who are recovering from surgeries, back to normal functioning of neck and joints.

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