We're Still Open & Telehealth is Now Available.

Telehealth Services

We are offering Tele-Rehabilitation services. We are providing this platform (certified HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant tele-rehabilitation platform) to help our patients at home so that they can continue to receive best possible care in these unprecedented conditions. This will also help in maintaining mobility and pain management for all kinds of injuries including motor vehicle accidents,work related injuries,joint replacements and strain/sprains patients and also prevent delay in their recovery time. 

Telehealth involves one to one video conference consultation with your physiotherapist including:

  • Assessment
  • Instruction and guidance on self treatment techniques
  • Specific personalized exercise prescription and modification needed on a day to day basis.
  • Provision of a video based exercise program 
  • Created and updated by your physio in conjunction with your appointments
  • Exercises can be performed at home via the app
  • Email support provided between consultations

Through tele rehab, first and foremost patient consent is taken for tele rehab in a private virtual setting, then subjective assessment is done the same way as in person, objective assessment is modified according to available resources of video conferencing and notes are made based on visual assessment. Treatment is based upon maintaining and gaining mobility, promoting strengthening and conditioning exercise programs which can be implemented through sharing of pictures, videos and stick diagrams.This is done through a safe platform using clinichealth and zoom software and patient privacy will be taken care of at each step. Moreover self management strategies at home, education regarding underlying conditions, involved body part care, do’s and don’ts will be discussed.

Overall tele rehab provides a safe, efficient and private platform for Assessment of  functional abilities, concerns, and movement issues while patients remain in their own environment.There are certainly limits to what we can do in a Tele Rehab session. We often use hands on skills to both assess and treat a patient but Tele Rehab cannot provide that but we can still help by forming a guided exercise program after taking.  history, observation and self performed objective tests.self management advice, stretches, strength exercises, self mobilization and other home strategies can also be provided.

Private Health Insurance Funding for Telehealth physio
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic several private health insurance companies will begin to provide rebates for Telehealth Physio Consultations .Please  contact our office for further details.

User friendly video conferencing technology

Prior to your appointment you will receive an email with a link to initiate your video call.

Telehealth appointments can be booked as per your usual appointments, by phone. You will receive the phone call to confirm your appointment.

If you have any questions or you want to book an appointment through tele Rehab  please don’t hesitate to contact us at : (780) 440 9003 ptcentre7@gmail.com

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