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Workers Compensation Board

It is very common to have an injury at work. At Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre, we can guide you through your claim process and can help you recover as soon as possible. 

What needs to be done if you are hurt at work:
Report the injury to your employer.

If you injured yourself at work or realised that your injury/ illness is a result of your occupation, you can report your injury to your employer. Your employer will submit a form with details of your injury to WCB. 

Consult  a healthcare provider.

Consult your family doctor or physician and your physiotherapists that you were injured at work. Our qualified physiotherapists will assess your injury and help with setting up goals and treatment plans to help with the recovery process.

Inform to WCB.

You can report your injury to WCB via mail, fax, or online. Once WCB has received the injury reports from you, the injured worker, your employer and your physiotherapist, a decision on your claim will be made.

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