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Back Pain And Sciatica Treatment in Edmonton

Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment in Edmonton Are you waking up to a dreadful back pain? That’s a sign of Sciatica. Although back pain and Sciatica are simila, some obvious differencest are often overlooked. Back pain causes pain in the upper, middle and lower back, whereas Sciatica causes discomfort on the back, buttock, thigh and leg.

If you are suffering from back pain or pain on your back, buttock or thighs, Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre has the cure for your pain.

In case you are suffering from back pain or Sciatica, medicines will only help reduce the pain and not heal it completely.

Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre work toward curing your pain entirely and offer you long-term relief. Our treatment canendo your medicine consumption, which can otherwise have an adverse effect on your health and minimize the chances of an invasive surgicalprocedures.

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Back Pain

Back pain is a general term that a variety of different conditions can cause. For instance, you might suffer from back pain due to poor posture, motor vehicle accident or an injury due to lifting heavy.
Back pain can be acute- that is for a short-term or chronic- that is long term (three months or more).

The treatment at Millwoods Physical therapy is formulated keeping in mind how you developed the back pain, along with the exact location and your medical history.


It is a particular type of back pain that is simple to diagnose. People suffering from Sciatica experience pain along the Sciatic nerve- the longest vein in the human body.

The Sciatic nerve start from the lower back and splits at the base of the spinal chord and extends further down the buttock, legs and ends at the bottom of each foot.

The Sciatic nerves gets compressed or irritated that causes a stinging or burning sensation in your lower back, buttocks, legs or feet.

Back pain OR Sciatica
What is the reason for your condition?

The medical name for Sciatica is Lumbar radiculopathy. People who develop this condition belong to the age bracket of 30 (thirty) to 50 (fifty). Due to Sciatica people tend to lose flexibility in the hips and pelvis causing stiffness of the hip and gluteal muscle. This alters the spine mechanics and the Sciatic nerve compresses as it travels through these tissues.

The condition of Sciatica is caused by a variety of injuries, including arthritis, bone spurs, or any other injury to Sciatic nerve.
Back pain is caused by an injury- repetitive strains, like bend your back multiple times in a day or other trauma like car accident.

Back pain and radiculopathy in thigh, leg or foot are also caused by herniated discs and other underlying conditions.

With age people also develop a degenerative disc condition. People with this condition can experience dullness, aching pain in their lower back, along with difficulty in standing and walking for extended periods.

There are multiple reasons for suffering from the aforementioned conditions and the only way to completely cure it is to consult a physiotherapist.

How can Physiotherapy offer you lasting relief?

Physiotherapy is the only means to completely heal conditions like back pain and Sciatica. We at Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre offer personalized treatment plans to cater to your specific health needs.

Physiotherapy is the only means to completely heal conditions like back pain and Sciatica. We at Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre offer personalized treatment plans to cater to your specific health needs.

Back pain if not treated can be critical and result in poor joint movement, core instability, poor muscle coordination, all of which can lead to future injuries.

The first phase of treatment focuses on rendering immediate pain relief. Post that, the physiotherapist will transform your treatment and include strengthening of your core muscles group with exercises and stretching. This results in improved strength and range of motion and also prevents injury to the spine.

Physiotherapist in our centre will instruct you to use ergonomic techniques to protect your spine while carrying out daily chores.

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