Rebuild, Restore, Revive: Physiotherapy's magic touch brings movement to life.

Put An End To Your Suffering, Join Work Faster With Work-Related Injury Therapy

Workplace injuries hinder the way we function daily. Stop suffering and take charge with Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre by your side.

Get back on your feet in no time with the assistance of our certified specialists who carve out the best custom healing plans for your quick recovery.

Some Commonly Occurring Work-Related Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrom

Occurs when the median nerve of the wrist compresses due to repeated and constant movement


Occurs from overuse and constant movement of a specific part of the body

Auto Accidents

Abrasions and mild cuts to severe accident injuries that occur with the company vehicle accident

Sprains & Strains

Occurs when repeated movements, falling off the ladder and other such traumas affect the ligaments & tendons

Back Pain

The most commonly occurring pain that is caused by several triggering factors at work like prolonged inactivity or bad sitting posture, moving heavy items manually and so on.

Physiotherapy – A Safe & Effective Alternative

Rule out the inclusion of potentially dangerous drugs and steroids from your healing journey and strive for the effective treatment of Physiotherapy that increases mobility and restores power for a long-term pain-free life.

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