Millwoods’s Unparalleled Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy To Minimise The Post-Operative Discomfort

In case you or your close one is about to go through major surgery, Millwoods Physical Therapy Centre’s Pre-Operative rehabilitation can assist you in minimising the discomfort post-surgery.

Trust Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy By Milldwoods

Custom Pre-Surgical Exercises

The custom exercise regime leads to quick, effective & functional recovery for operations of the lower-torso area like THR or Total Hip Replacement surgery or other such joint replacing operations

Improved Functionality Post-Surgery

Improves the healing pace and functionality of the body so that the client can return back to normal life in a quicker time with reduced dependency on caregivers

Eases Post-Surgical Pain

Pre-surgical physiotherapy can reduce the excruciating post-surgical pain as the continuous exercise or rehabilitation before the surgery makes way for better pain management

The Top Exercises Included In Millwoods’s Pre-Surgical Pysiotherapy ProgramsWith Sports Injuries Therapy

  • One Leg Standing (supported)
  • Stomach Kickbacks
  • Lying Kicks
  • Chair Pushups
  • Sitting Kicks
  • Knee Flexing
  • Clamshells
  • Straight Leg Raises
  • Side-Laid Straight Leg Raises
  • Thigh Squeezes

  • Don’t delay and enrol into Millwood’s customised Physiotherapy plans for faster & effective healing.

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