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Posted on September 13th, 2023

I have been getting treatment from Satnam for my MVA injuries. She has been very professional and has helped me to heal with exercises and manual therapy. She has excellent hands-on skills.


Posted on September 13th, 2023

Satnam was wonderful. I went to see her for a muscle spasm that would not release. She was knowledgeable, kind, and professional. She had me feeling so much better within a month. I went from not being able to move my neck at all to full range of motion. I highly recommend her.


Posted on September 13th, 2023

I have been getting treatment from Millwood physical Therapy centre. Her hands on treatment and exercises have made a huge impact in my recovery. first day go to clinic i did not walk but first treatment get Good result. Staff is amazing & co-operative.


Posted on September 13th, 2023

Great experience from Millwood physiotherapy, very nice staff specially Dr. ABHIJOT CHEEMA .they provide family environment, flexible schedules for appointments or very very good treatment.


Posted on September 13th, 2023

I went to clinic for my back pain treatment. I got quick appointment and there was less walk in time. Staff are polite spoken and special thanks to Abhijot as she was so cooperative and understanding and she provided me best treatment. Highly recommended


Posted on August 18th, 2022

Arun is a hardworking individual. His skill and attention as a physical therapist were immediately apparent as he started my initial assessment. They take the time to pay attention to your worries and keep track of your development. Without a doubt, I would recommend Millwoods physical therapy centre.


Posted on July 8th, 2022

My uncle needed and still needs physical therapy due to a stroke he suffered in August 2021. At the beginning of December 2021, we started utilizing Millwoods physical therapy centre’s services. Although his mobility has improved, more treatment is still needed. I sincerely appreciate their assistance and hope they will be able to support my uncle in the future


Posted on July 8th, 2022

I experienced some muscle soreness following intense exercise. I quickly recovered to a better level than I had been prior to the injury. I have never felt better, and I highly recommend Millwoods physical therapy centre! Abby has been courteous and professional, and she puts a lot of effort into the patient’s recovery